Friday, June 30, 2006

A Second Introduction

Hi Everyone!

I’m the other intern here at YWTF and I’m lucky enough to be writing the second ever post to YWTF’s blog. I first came to YWTF without knowing what to expect. My third day of work was the first day of the YWTF board retreat. Since the building was locked, Katy and I went downstairs in order to wait for the YWTF board members and let them into the building. For some reason, “board member” in my head conjured up images of well-to do men and women in their fifties. I was routinely shocked as we held the door open for the young women board members—most only a few years older than me. It was then that I realized that YWTF was the type of organization that put its principles into practice in the running of the organization.

So while Katy has told you a little bit about the history of the organization, I’d like to tell share some things about where YWTF is heading:

*One of the developments for YWTF that I’m most excited about is the creation of the Alexis Knox Fellowship. This fellowship will allow young women to develop a project that they think will improve women’s leadership and receive funding, as well as personal leadership coaching, from YWTF. Check out our website for more info.

*YWTF is also focusing on improving infrastructure, such as refining the financial reporting structure and streamlining communication between the national level and the chapters.

*As far as events go, YWTF is planning on doing more events that bridge the generational gaps between women, such as planning dinners with YWTF members and members of other women’s organizations.

There’s plenty more interesting events and issues that YWTF will be involved in, so stay tuned. Also, I plan to be writing regularly with cultural and news analysis, as well as talking about specific tools and pitfalls involved in feminist organizing that will hopefully be useful as well as entertaining. Check back often!

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