Friday, June 30, 2006

Hello and Welcome!

Well, this is exciting: the very first post on the YWTF blog! My name's Katy Smith, and I'm a summer intern with YWTF - I'll be making semi-regular posts along with my fellow intern, Dara. For now, I guess I'll just take a minute to say what the Younger Women's Task Force is all about and how it got started.

First, we have the mission statement of YWTF, which should give you a general idea:"Founded in January of 2005, the Younger Women’s Task Force, a project of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, is a nationwide, diverse, and inclusive grassroots movement dedicated to organizing younger women and their allies to take action on issues that matter most to them. By and for younger women, YWTF works both within and beyond the women’s movement, engaging all who are invested in advancing the rights of younger women."

Although we were founded only a year and a half ago, YWTF now has 12 chapters all over the U.S. You can go onto to see exactly where these chapters are and what they're up to, and I highly recommend getting involved with one of them. The YWTF chapters are all linked through our organization, but they also host their own events - we like the term "semiautonomous," even though it may be a bit of an oxymoron. Because YWTF is made up of a network of grassroots movements around the country, and because YWTF recognizes the diversity of views of its members, we don't have specific “younger women’s issues” on which all chapters base their activities. Instead, each chapter is encouraged to address the issues pertinent to their area's younger women, while joining YWTF as a whole when we need to advocate for national (and international) issues.

I think that pretty much covers it! If you're learning about YWTF for the first time, I hope you learned something, and that you'll soon check out our awesome website. If you're already a member of YWTF, I hope this post wasn't too boring for you, but hey, it's always nice to know our values!

***Stay tuned for updates on current events, randomness, and the like. It's gonna get a lot more interesting ;)

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